Team Approach Delivers Comprehensive Architectural Experience

One way we do that is through excellence at our craft. But experience alone isn’t enough. We also hold the following core values to guide our efforts everyday: listening, humility, respect, and learning and working together as a team.

Our Purpose is Enriching People’s Lives

Scott Sudik
Principal - AIA, NCARB

Scott has always loved art; he has found that architecture is a way to express his artistic passion in a practical manner. It’s finding a simplistic solution to a complicated problem and the connection that is created between the user and the product that pushes Scott to design.

Paul Brady
Principal - AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, CGP

Paul loves putting things together and architecture is the perfect blend of creative and technical challenges. Having the opportunity to design hundreds of people’s homes is a humbling and rewarding process that together with satisfying those project’s complex goals is exciting.

Alex Jewett
Principal - AIA, NCARB

Alex, a Colorado Native, grew up building houses with his Dad and always enjoyed exploring his artistic side. The confluence of these two passions led him to study Architecture at the University of Colorado where he received a B. of Environmental Design and a M. of Architecture.

Gary Godden
Project Architect - AIA, NCARB, CAASH, CAPS

As one of the firm's founding principals, Gary has been the driving force in establishing our firm's philosophy, values, and expertise in the housing industry. The son of artist parents, Gary found architecture to be a satisfying marriage of the technical and the artistic.

Kelsey Dague
Project Architect

Since age 12, architecture has been Kelsey’s known path. She followed that passion to CU Boulder where she received a degree in Environmental Design. Since graduation, she has had the opportunity to work here at Godden Sudik, without ever leaving her home state of Colorado.

Alex Duran
Project Architect

Alex grew up with every Lego set available. He translated that passion into studying architecture at Lawrence Tech Univ. in Southfield, MI. For most of his career he has focused on multi-family design and construction, everything from townhomes to midrise dwellings.

Jennifer Jess
Project Architect

For Jen architecture is the juggling act of satisfying municipal requirements, design review boards, and site constraints, without losing sight of the homeowners’ vision. Jen’s responsibility is to listen; her joy is to use her creative skills to make their ideas a reality.

Chris Walla
Project Architect

Born in Chicago, raised in Colorado, and a graduate from the University of Kansas, being an architect has always been Chris’ ambition. With a wide range of project experience, Chris is dedicated to creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and experiencing the built environment.

Tim Williams
Project Architect

With his respect for the environment and an appreciation of world art and culture, Tim combined a perpetual curiosity of how things are assembled through practice and innovation in his architectural pursuit of being consciously creative.

Adam Cassella
Project Manager

Having lived in 6 states, traveled to 17 countries, and completed 1 of the world’s top 10 most dangerous hikes, Adam has an open outlook to problem solving. He brings passion and knowledge to our team every day, waking up at 8500 ft.

Christopher Cherabie
Project Manager

Christopher traveled extensively growing up, which led to a passion for studying the diversity of the built environment. He excelled at the Univ. of Colorado & earned the AIA Henry Adams Medal. Chris' architectural focus is tailored to single-family production and custom homes.

Brenda Harvey
Project Manager

Brenda’s passion for architecture includes thought, science, and the process of bringing an idea to life. It offers new challenges and opportunities to learn everyday and is one of the few professions where you can physically experience the full effect of your creation.

Heather Murphy
Senior Project Manager

As a native New Yorker, Heather moved to Colorado to enjoy the great outdoors. She has always been interested in architecture, and with 15 plus years of experience in both single and multi family residential, she brings expertise and passion to our firm.

Scott Roberts
Senior Project Manager

Scott’s first job after completing an unrelated undergrad degree was in the graphics department of a large architecture firm. He knew within a week that he wanted to pursue a career in architecture. Since grad school, he has focused on honing his custom residential design skills.

Kellie Rowan
Operations Manager

Kellie is a Colorado native who has always loved helping others. She found the perfect home at GSA where she assists staff and clients in fulfilling their goals. She has always been drawn to beautiful buildings so it’s no wonder she ended up working with people who create them.

Rick Sall
Project Designer - Associate AIA

Rick’s lifelong love affair with architecture began at age 6. A passion driven from creating Lego buildings and exploring new homes lead to learning everything that goes into building a home, and then to his professional dream of designing dream homes - hopefully cool ones.

Kim Spencer
Project Manager

Growing up Kim had passion for creativity and wanted to leave her mark on the world in a tangible way. After graduating with a degree in architecture, Kim worked for 7 years in Hospitality design. She has now transitioned to Godden|Sudik where she continues to create and inspire.

Mike Weigel
Quality Assurance Manager

Since Mike was a kid he was curious how buildings go together. With an enthusiasm to draft, he set course for architecture and the home building industry. His diversity of experience gave him the tools to produce a variety of projects including commercial and his own PUD process.

Carolyn Anderson
Graphics Designer

Born and raised in Denver, Carolyn received her B.Arch from the University of Miami. Her interest in the ability to create community driven and socially conscious spaces through architecture, and a deep love of history have been the primary driving forces throughout her academic and professional career.

Dana Ashoori

Dana's architectural journey began at a young age helping her family build homes. She continued her passion for hands-on application at the University of Arizona where she received her B.Arch. Driven by minimalism and function, she designs with the comfort and logic of the client being most important.

Eric Dillon

Eric grew up in Colorado and completed his education in 2013. Whether it was Legos or other objects, he was always interested in how things were built. His interest in architecture stems from an appreciation for the natural world and how people can live in a symbiotic way with it.

Don Gibson

Don's interest in problem solving, creativity, and the love of the outdoors led him into architecture. He loves creating efficient spaces that are not only functional but unique. For most of his career he has focused on single family construction, large custom homes, and remodels.

Sydney Grove

A band trip to Europe & a drafting class in high school is what started it all for Sydney’s architectural career. Sydney shined at the Univ. of Colorado & won the 2014 Newman Award. Sydney’s architectural experience is in high end custom residential, including historic renovation.

Linda Hazen

Linda has business experience with instituting organizational strategies, measures for continuous improvements and efficient business operations. With her professionalism and strong communication skills she enjoys building strong alliances with external customers as well as internal teams. Her innate drive to succeed and overall zest for life enable her to be an asset to GSA.

Mason Novak

Born and raised in Colorado, Mason’s interest in architecture began when he received his first Lego set. To continue his dream, he moved to Bozeman where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design from Montana State University. After graduating, he came back to Colorado, and to move his career forward has found his home at GSA.

Brandon Plouff

A native of California, Brandon moved to Colorado at a young age. He completed his BSArch at the University of Colorado Denver where he is currently seeking his Masters of Architecture. His love of architecture stems from the ability to create art while simultaneously making inhabitable spaces for people.

Darren Rutledge

As far back as Darren can remember he has always been fascinated with the built world, sketching his own designs, constantly looking through building details as he walked through them or drove by. Now he is here doing the same thing every day and couldn’t be happier. One of his favorite quotes is, “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” – Frank Gehry

Tallyn Sherman

Tallyn, after growing up and graduating in the Midwest, joined the moon of his life in Colorado. As a kid he was always creating plans and building models, and knew Architecture was his calling. He enjoys the design process, & the joy of seeing people enjoying the final creations.

Nathan Visnyei

Nathan’s love for architecture came at a young age when he learned his father’s dream job was to become an architect. Growing up in Colorado, Nathan completed his Bachelor's at the University of Colorado Denver. Knowing residential architecture was his calling, Nathan pursued personal design projects on his own time on top of working several different internships until finding his home at GSA.

Hunter Wells

Born and raised in Texas, Hunter always had a passion for architecture, drawn to it's artistry and scale. He believes that the architectural process is a collaborative endeavor, and that architecture should always be of its time and place. Having received his BFA in architecture from SCAD and his M.Arch. from CU Denver, he now enjoys all that Colorado has to offer with his new newfound freedom from school.

Lily Wenbao

After researching humanitarian development efforts for her Bachelor’s degree, Lily approaches architecture first from a social standpoint. She believes good architecture not only reflects but synthesizes the culture of the community. As a recent graduate in California, Lily is grateful she gets to practice her passion back in her home state of Colorado.